Piano Lessons:

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Professional Engagements:

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Studio Policy


Fall Semester: September 3rd, 2018 to December 21st, 2018

Spring Semester: January 7th, 2019 to June 28th, 2019 with one week vacation during spring break

* A minimum of 6 summer lessons is recommended to maintain the student's musical progress.


Lessons missed by the student will not be made up. This coincides with the current policy of the B.C.R.M.T.A. (British Columbia Registered Music Teachers Association). Your lesson fee reserves your weekly time slot which I hold exclusively for you, for the entire school year.   Lessons missed by the teacher will be made up at a mutually convenient time.

*Each student is responsible for bringing all of their books to each of their lessons (parents will need to oversee this with their younger children.)


Post-dated cheques are required for both the fall and spring semesters to reserve a lesson day and time. 

When terminating lessons, one month's notice is required.

Exams and Festivals

I encourage all students to take Royal Conservatory of Music exams. I will discuss with each student/family individually in regards to working towards a particular exam ( piano and theory). I also recommend that students participate in the Vancouver Kiwanis Festival. It takes place during the last week of April. I do my best to make sure each student is prepared to perform and compete at the level they are working at each year.

*Performance opportunities, master classes, festivals and R.C.M. examinations greatly improve a student’s performance potential

 Practice Expectations

Practice expectations are different for each individual student.

Here is a suggested guide to daily practicing:

Beginner to Grade 2: 35 minutes daily
Grade 3 to Grade 6: 45 minutes daily
Grade 7 to Grade 9: 60 minutes daily
Grade 10 and A.R.C.T.: 1.5 hours daily

I highly recommend organizing a practice schedule that allows for consistency as once a habit is formed (this takes two weeks), it is undoubtedly a much easier task. The more a student practices, the more they accomplish and the greater their enjoyment. What and how a student practices is just as important as how much and how often. It is important for one parent to be willing to oversee their son or daughter's progress. Sitting down with the student at least once a week and looking over their notebook will ensure that practice requirements are being met.

My goal is to develop a student’s talent to its full potential and to ensure every student enjoys their music along the way!